Insanity Is A Way Of Life

18 - Female - Bisexual
GSU College Freshman



sext: my mom can pick up if your mom can drop us off

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lol i wonder if teachers just sit there and laugh while marking my school tests

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this was definitely my fav scene from tfios


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I watched this and she DID NOT put up with him. No one should accept it, after she told him to stop and he kept doing things that made her uncomfortable, all of the judges confronted him. I have so much respect for Demi Lovato, this is the type of person I wish more girls and teens looked up to. 

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The Writers:They're not gay.
The Fandom:Sit Down.


*this pizza serves 4-6 people*

bitch, the only person eating this pizza is me

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Me:then fucking act like it
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